Design patterns for matching enterprise software and automation

With a quick look around Medium and enterprise’s blogs, it becomes clear that intelligent automation is boosting the unfolding reality that digital labour is flexible, lean, and cost-efficient for business software applications— for both their clients and their independent contractors. You can have a brief overview simply by checking existing APIs like Amazon intelligence API, Google Cloud AI Products, Microsoft Cognitive services and IBM Watson Products to have an idea about the kinds of inputs and logic are being used to train those models.

Nevertheless, it was a section on how to design intelligent systems in the SAP Fiori design…

A next-level common sense approach to usability

Despite my initial tantrum with Steve Krug’s book back in the early college days, his bestseller “Don’t Make me Think” is like the holy grail of UX “for dummies”: it’s an easy read and right on point, with plenty of rules and guiding principles of what makes a good website — a perfect choice for who is just starting in the usability field. …

A person holding a smartphone using Augmented reallity in a store
A person holding a smartphone using Augmented reallity in a store
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You and I have shopped online a ton during the coronavirus pandemic, and some of those habits will stick. At the same time, new technologies are continuously being developed to give us, consumers, a better online shopping experience (and us, designers, more tools to explore), and it is these updates and changes that are likely to shape the future of the ecommerce industry.

The shopping experience in the pandemic changed also the physical stores of the future — the consumer has become accustomed to personalization — and will charge this feature for physical points from now on, to close the…

The importance of storytelling for Product Design — and for everything else.

Lately I've been consuming a lot of articles and videos (and books, and podcasts…) about how to give a talk, how to stand up and present ideas or data in front of an audience. According to Chris Anderson, the boss of TED Talks, in his book TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking, you have to have an idea, a point; relevant highlights that support this idea; and last and most important, the connection with the audience through a story.

Not so long ago, my biggest…

I am so glad I was able to join the Smart City Berlin event yesterday at Factory Berlin.

Darius Moeini from Numa introduced the event and presented how Numa is taking advantage of the digital transformation in shaping the development of cities, and launching its DataCity programs (in Paris, Barcelona, Bengaluru and now, Berlin) at the intersection of the startup-ecosystem, established corporates and the public sector.

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